Friday, April 19, 2013


How I'd love to be
so close to those I love
and who by distance
I can't be sharing
what I'd love to be sharing
Como quisiera estar
tan cerca
de aquellos que amo
y quienes por distancia
no puedo compartir
lo que quisiera compartir
esta noche.
Como quisiera
que vivieramos
mas cerca
para que "nos vieramos
por la tarde"
fuera mas que un decir
y menos que la distancia
nos separa.
How I'd wish to live
so close
to those I love
so that "see ya' later
in the afternoon"
were more
than a wishful thought
and less of the distance
between us.
It's a hunger,
a yearning,
a wish to be so very near.
A fire, a warning,
explosive mists
waft through the air.
A passion,
a forever,
I love you, my friend,
my kin, my kin.
How do you put all of this
into words, and why?
What difference does it make?
This is its difference
the difference is you,
the difference is me.
The difference
is what we are together
the difference is What we are
is what we are together
and oh,
of what we can be.
Es un hambre,
es una sed
el deseo de estar tan cerca,
y fuego,
volcan sorprendido en la tarde

reverbera en todas las esquinas
de mi ser.
Por siempre apasionada
te amo amiga
mi hermano, mi hermana.
Como poner todo
este seentimiento
en palabras, y pa' que?
Que diferencia hace?
Esta es la diferencia
la diferencia eres tu,
la diferencia soy yo.
La diferencia es
lo que somos,
lo que hacemos juntos,
la diferencia es lo que somos
y lo que podemos ser.
Esto te los estoy enviando
porque somos familia.
This I'm sending you
because we are kin.
(c) Saz
Roberto Isaza
Deciember 3, 2005

Friday, December 31, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Miracle of Life

Miracle of Life

And here's where
happiness resides
kiss a girl,
kiss a guy.

To awaken each morning
a miracle in itself
the rest a bonus
more of its wealth.

Touching of skins
smoking of smoke
tomorrow for broke.

Today is the yesterday
of tomorrow,
tomorrow a thought
of today,
and today is the now
that is fleeting somehow.

And where does
that leave us all?
But we appear to be
in this instant,
together you and me,
and time just
a drifting thought.

This is a bonus
all an extra of life,
every breath we caught
every single step we walk.

Every convolution
of the flowerful
dance of life
a miracle in itself,
the rest a bonus
even be there strife.



when i was 5 years old 
I lived in Connecticut ...
countryside where i used to spend
a lot of time by myself
there was at least 1/3 mile
between houses
there was a stream that ran by
and I used to explore up and down
there was an empty house downstream from us
one day I saw that there were people moving into it
and went to investigate
it was a young couple
Wendy and David
she gave me milk and cookies
he was setting up his stereo
in the living room
I sat watching him
there was a loud noise …
I guess from the stereo
then he asked me if
I wanted to hear music
from the extraterrestrials
music from outer space
he put on a record
of some experimental
electronic music
there were gongs and beeps
zitsezz and slides and flewzzzzzz.
Later I left.
They asked me to tell my dad
to come by and have a drink with them.

I was convinced it was Martian music.

I told my dad I'd met some friends
he thought I'd met some kids
but when I told him about their invitation,
he went to see.

We became friends and I went there often
always asking Dave to put on the Martian music
always milk and cookies
one day, they were leaving
David told me to come listen
to the Martian music

then, very seriously told me
that he had lied to me
and that friends don't lie to each other
he told me what the Martian music was
and to forgive him.

Of course I did, he is my friend.

(C) Saz

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hope your days
are bright
and your nights 
are never alone, 
lonely is a better word.

I wish that you have 
the health 
to enjoy another day, 
another time,
another kiss
another smile.

Happy days
be ahead of you all
not too far,
within your reach.

May each day
be more, 
much more 
 than a holiday.
May each breath 
bring much more
than just life
may it bring Joy
and more
the nearness/oneness
of sharing.

May your Holidays 
be bright and warm
at least in your hearts.
May they be
peppered of laughs
and good memories,
eggnog and a good dance,
If that's 
what you're hoping for.

May All that is Good
Be with you
and yours,
and Everyone

Friday, December 17, 2010


 Walk in beauty, 
 always Be well.

 On beautiful sunny days 
when the spirit rejoices 
with blue skies
 and split decissions,
 smile with the beauty 
indisputable of the wind. 

 On dark days 
with tears falling rain
 heavy on the soul 
rejoice that we exist 
 to live them. 

 Go to the creature nearest you
 wonder in the wonders of existence
 that plant is there
 because you are here, 
despite your being there, 

 That you are here right now,
 and this reaches out to you
 in this white space of blank paper 
thoughts flowing like spilled ink, 
and I was able to talk to you
 through the tunnels 
and echoes of time 
is more than a miracle itself. 

 LIFE is supreme miracle
 a privilege to share
 from my universe to yours.
 Smile through your tears
 let darkness dissipate
 for we have
 the most loving gift of all

 November 23, 2010